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mission :

happy employee  satisfactory customer  leading industry development

creating a sustainable platform for employees, to make employee achieve personal values and happy life by hardworking.

offering high grade products, services and system solutions to customers and cultivate careers together with customers.

comply with the national industrial development orientation and social development trend, to promote the industrial transformation and upgrading, to promote regional economics’ development and social progress.




take responsibility as personal value and dignity .

keep principle in mind, take the initiative to complete duty and responsibility.

initiative, commitment, never escape, never shirk


sincerely like sunshine, speak our mind

act as we say, keep our words


obey the objective regularities and rules

doing things conscientiously, behaving well and sincerely


creating and sharing with employees

developing with all stake holders


enterprise spirit:

constant pioneering

hold the entrepreneurial mindset, hold the passion of creation.

endless venture , endless career

ceaseless pursuit, endless satisfactory

to be creative

meet changes with changes, change with demands, change actively

never legalistic, dare to try new ideas and methods.

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