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technical service plan

  our company has a professional, experienced technical service team, which can offer technical supports to customers, improve the performance of raw materials and pvc products , and solve production problems.

traditional calcium zinc stabilizers, because of the large electronegativity, it’s easy to form a strong bond conjugate with pvc resin polar groups, and promote the pvc resin premature plasticized in plasticizing process. pvc resin plasticized in front part of the plastic trigger machine too early, resulting over plasticizing of pvc material. it leads to a rapid increasing in melt pressure and decreasing in melt viscosity. it is not conducive to processing. basis on years of accumulated experience, our company continued developing and improving a multi-series products, with good resistance to burning zinc, reasonable plasticizing effect, excellent thermal stability and process ability.


  along with epoxy hardener changing trends, our company is committed to the hardener research and development and sales. providing technical support solutions, and is committed to promote functional, environmental protection, and other special type epoxy hardener. since the development of new structures and excellent performance epoxy resin get few progress, the hardener that accommodate the requirements of epoxy resin becomes the pursuing by the people and functional additives become more and more popular. versatility (with curing, toughened, flame retardant, and other promotional functions) hardener becomes the ideal for people pursue. the hardener with fast curing, low temperature curing and minimal water absorption developing rapidly, the hardener for special functions has also been great developed. our multi-functional epoxy hardener complies with the trend, low toxicity, non-toxic trend also has access to our products and technology solutions. more and more attention had been paid on environmental pollution problems during hardener production. in order to adapt to the future development trend of the hardener. multi-functional and environmentally friendly epoxy hardener product and technology solutions have become the core competitiveness of our project department of the hardener.

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